What is a concrete mixer pump?


What is a concrete pump: concrete mixer pump, the use of continuous pressure along the pipeline transportation of concrete. By the pump and delivery tube. Form of the structure is divided into piston, squeeze, pressure diaphragm. Pump mounted on a car chassis, or re-equipped with telescopic boom inflection, it is composed of pump.

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Piston concrete pump

Hydraulic and mechanical drive transmission type. Concrete pump hydraulic drive from the hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete tanks, dispensing valve, Y-shaped pipe, washing equipment, hydraulic systems and power systems and other components. Hydraulic pressure to push the piston reciprocate. When the piston moves suction, when the Y-shaped tube before pushing through the concrete pressed into the concrete cylinder pipes. After pumping concrete, washing with high pressure water or compressed air pump and pipes. Concrete pump piston displacement, depending on the number and diameter of the concrete cylinder reciprocating piston velocity and concrete cylinder sucked volumetric efficiency.

Crushed Concrete Pumps

Dual rotor wheel type, straight-and three-wheel belt-slot type three. Dual rotor wheel type concrete pump, the hopper, pump, squeeze the hose, vacuum system and power system components. Pump seals, pump rotor body frame with two planets wheel, pump the inner wall is lined with rubber pads, pads squeeze the hose fitted within weeks. Planetary roller drive rotary power plant, rolling extruded hose, squeeze inside the concrete pipe duct discharge. Vacuum pump system to maintain a certain degree of vacuum in vivo, to promote the extrusion hose immediately after rolling of restitution, and to accelerate the concrete hopper suction hose extrusion. Crushed Concrete pump displacement, depending on the radius of gyration and the rotation speed of the rotor, squeeze the hose diameter and concrete inhaled volumetric efficiency.

Hydraulic diaphragm pump concrete

From the hopper, pump, diaphragm control valves, pumps and tanks and other components. Diaphragm pump body, when the water pump control valve below the diaphragm by withdrawing tanks, diaphragm subsidence, concrete hopper pressure to open the check valve into the pump; When the tank water pump control valve withdrawn by the pump when the pressure of the water so that the diaphragm rises, closing check valve will be pressed into the concrete pipes discharge.

Production of concrete pump rate, can be a complete horizontal and vertical transport of concrete, but the concrete mix, coarse and fine aggregate particle size and size distribution, the amount of cement, concrete slump there are certain requirements in order to ensure a good pumping effectiveness.

Mortar pump plunger

Reciprocation of the plunger in the cylinder in a closed, pressure-feeding mortar. By the piston, cylinder, valves, power units, regulators and safety devices and other components. Piston driven by the crank linkage, the plunger is retracted, the mortar into the cylinder through the suction valve; plunger launched mortar pressed out through the discharge valve. There are single and double piston plunger two. In order to maintain a stable ash slurry stream, single rooms equipped with air regulator plunger mortar pump. Dual piston mortar pump relies on alternating movement of work and compensation piston plunger steady stream of ash slurry. Single-piston mortar pump 10 floors below the applicable floor conveyor and spray plastering mortar, sand meets the requirements grading requirements, and should use all the broken sand; dual piston mortar pump high pressure for 30 floors of mortar layer below transport and spraying plaster, strong adaptability than single piston pump, only sand and particle size gradation is required, there is no requirement for the geometry, you can use all the broken sand.

Mortar pump diaphragm

Working principle and scope with the same single-piston mortar pump, reciprocating plunger through the use of an intermediate liquid (usually water) deformation of the rubber diaphragm when the diaphragm pump cylinder direction to swelling, the mortar pressed into the pipeline, when the diaphragm contraction, of the new container from the mortar inhalation. Its characteristics are not in direct contact with the mortar of the plunger, which can extend the life of the piston, but the structure is relatively complex, prone to wear rubber septum.

Screw mortar pump

Elastic stator rotates, pushing the direction of movement along the spiral mortar use continuous conveyor screw rotors. Of dry and wet two. Dry feed screw applies to the case of ready-mixed dry, the feed end of the pump fitted with a stirrer, with which the water inlet, mixing the dry material can be made into slurry pump; screw and other types of wet mortar pump, can only convey mortar mixing well. Screw compact structure, light weight, material flow stability. But the stator easy to wear, requires the use of an oval sand. Low pressure, for conveying height is not the occasion. Can also be placed in the middle floor for the relay pump to improve feeding height.

Pneumatic mortar pump

Using compressed air pressure to send mortar. The subject is a horizontal cylinder, top with lid. Cylinder equipped with a stir with a stirring blade horizontal axis, by an electric motor or diesel engine driven by the gear box. Such pumps are usually equipped with air compressors, hydraulic hopper, Dragline, walking devices. Itself by means of the mortar prepared was stirred slurry may also be prepared directly into the cylinder, and then pressing the cover, the compressed air is turned into a sealed pressure cylinder, when used to open the discharge port, can be The mortar pressed out. This machine widely used in addition to mortar and mortar mixer pump, but also can be used to mixing and transport of fine stone concrete or dry material.

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