truck mounted concrete mixers

Truck Mounted Concrete Mixers

Truck mounted concrete mixer is commonly used to load concrete using in the construction projects. It is also called as a cement mixer for its special shape. Generally speaking, truck mounted concrete mixers are equipped with drum mixer to ensure the concrete will not be frozen in the transportation course. After loading the concrete, workers need to wash the machine with water to prevent the concrete from sticking to the inner surface of the drum mixer.

truck mounted concrete mixers

Features and Advantages:

1.      It can largely avoid the frozen of concrete in the transportation process, which will save lots of concrete and money for our clients.
2.      The truck mounted concrete mixer has convenient operation and easy movement that will meet some hard construction situation and environment.
3.      The mixer moves very fast that will help improve the working efficiency of construction projects.
4.      It requires low investment and maintenance, which makes it affordable to lots of construction companies.

Parameters of Truck Mounted Concrete Mixers:

OperationData Geometric Volumeof MixingDrum (m3) 16.2 13.4 13.4 13.4 14.9
MixingVolume(m3) 10 8 8 8 9
Stuffing Rate(%) 61.7 59.7 59.7 59.7 60.4
Remains(%) <1 <1 <1 <1 <1
Rotate SpeedofMixingDrum (r/min) 1~14 1~14 1~14 1~14 1~14
Obliquity ofMixing Drum(°) 11.5 13 13 13 12
OverallDimension(mm) 9400x2500x 8650x2500x 8204x2496x 8204x2496x 8950x2500x
3850 3780 3850 3850 3945
Weight (kg) 13205 12605 12800 12800 13100
Way ofWater Supply Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump
Water Tank 250 250 250 250 250
Capacity (L)
ReductionGearbox From Italy From Italy From Italy From Italy From Italy
HydraulicPump EATON/5423-518 Italy ARK/PV89MHR20 Rexroth A4VTG90/EATON/5423-518 Italy ARK/PV89MHR20
Motor EATON/5433-138 Italy ARK/MF89V20 Rexroth AA2FM80/EATON/5433-138 Italy ARK/MF89V20
Chassis Parameter Series HOWO-7 STRW HOWO-7 HOWO-7 AUMAN
Model ZZ1257N3847C ZZ1256N3246C ZZ1257M3247C ZZ1257N3247C BJ5257GMP JB-S
Wheel Base(mm) 3825+1350 3225+1350 3225+1350 3225+1350 3575+1350
Motor Model WD615.95E WD615.95E WD615.95E WD615.93E WP10.336
/Discharge (L) -9.726 -9.726 -9.726 -9.726
Output Power 247/2200 247/2200 247/2200 213/2200 247/2200
/Rotate Speed(kw/rpm) (336hp) (336hp) (336hp) (290hp) (336hp)
Max Speed(km/h) 90 75 90 90 81

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