The Operating Instructions of Concrete Pump You Need to Pay Attention to


As everyone knows, with the rapid development of construction industry more and more high buildings and large mansions appear in people’s life which make concrete pump become an indispensable factor of high speed development. When it refers to the development and use of concrete pump, we inevitably have to pay attention to the operation instructions of concrete pump. There are mainly several aspects as follows.

1.Before starting the concrete pump, it is necessary to carefully check the working condition of the concrete pump and the reliability of the transmission line so as to ensure that the connection is safe and reliable and all safety precautions shall not be changed or canceled.

2.Set special work area around the concrete pump machine and make sure irrelevant person is forbidden to enter without permission and at night scene the lighting in the concrete pump work area should be adequate. At least 1 meters space should be put apart around concrete pump work area for convenient operation and maintenance.

concrete pump

3.The power circuit to enter the pump must be connected to the leakage protection switch before connecting the power supply and electrical control box maintenance, installation, wiring can only be operated by a professional electrician. During maintenance, the motor and the power switch must be switched off and release the accumulator pressure.

4.Movable legs and stationary legs should be fixed with bolt fastened and firmly connected with the frame before putting on solid ground. Before motor vehicle dragging concrete pump, the movable legs must be pulled back and firmly connected with the frame.

5.After pumping, you should shut off the motor and power supply and lock the cabinet door in order to avoid irrelevant person launching the concrete pump.

6.Complete the daily operation records and oil charging records according to requirements.

If we take good care of the concrete pump, operate it correctly and pay attention to the details, we will use it longer time and get more benefits. Please contact us or leave a message if you are interested in our products.

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