Maintenance of Concrete pump


In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, do not mistake the construction, requiring the operator to pre-construction, construction ground inspection, ground maintenance.

1. Routine maintenance

(1) Check the hydraulic oil level, oil, oil should be pale yellow, non-emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced.

(2) filled with grease, water plus 2/3 water and 1/3 of the oil or hydraulic oil.

(3) Check the cutting ring, glasses, plates gap should be normal (maximum gap 2mm)

(4) Check the lubrication system work, you should see the progressive distributor indicator rod back and forth action, S tube arm end bearing location, location, etc. stirring shaft bearing lubrication points have oil spill. Manual lubrication points each class should inject grease.

(5) Inspect the valve commutation, reversing the normal operation of the mixing device.

(6) Check the hydraulic system if there is leakage, oil leakage.

(7) Check all threaded connection, to ensure a firm connection.

2 engine maintenance considerations

Repair and maintenance (1) lubrication system

The first oil change 40 working hours

Oil change cycle should be based on the quality and use of the oil may be

If you work fewer hours a year in the engine, but also an oil change at least one year

Temperatures below -10 ℃ environment, the oil change intervals to be cut in half

NOTE: The oil change when the engine is in a state park! Heat engine (oil temperature of about 80 ℃

(2) Repair and maintenance of air filter

Environment and the size of the intake air filter quality and work of a great relationship, if too much dust should bold filters. So cleaning cycle can not be generalized. If it is dry type air filter, or only when the dust indicator lights up after only necessary to clean. The following cases, air filters need to be cleaned:

The indicator can see the red one (when the engine is shut down)

Maintenance switch yellow light (when the engine is running)

(3) winter diesel

Low temperature, the wax will precipitate cause blockage diesel systems, resulting in failure and other problems, when the following 0 ℃, use winter diesel, petrol stations generally have the winter before the onset of winter diesel supply (when the temperature is below -20 ℃).

At temperatures below -20 ℃, kerosene may be added to the diesel fuel.

In most cases, the flow-improving agent may be added to reduce the flow resistance.

3 hydraulic oil use and replacement

Hydraulic oil consumption: Fuel Tank Capacity 560 liters

Hydraulic Oil: Great Wall L-HM46 hydraulic oils, performance indicators as follows:

Oil brand No. filtering accuracy (μm)

Great Wall wear hydraulic oil L-HM4620 (1) The machine should use the recommended grade of hydraulic oil, other brands may not be used, but can not mix two brands.

(2) hydraulic oil temperature should be controlled between 35-75 ℃. When the oil temperature is higher than 45 ℃, can open the cooling fan motor; below 40 ℃, cooling the motor may not open.

(3) The oil level should be in the oil level gauge 3/4 or more, otherwise fill.

(4) should be transparent oil colors with yellow, if discolored, cloudy or emulsified, it should be replaced.

Quality (5) hydraulic oil pump a great impact on the general pumping oil change once completely around 10000 m3, and clean the tank.

4 Grease

Grease: Summer with a non-extreme pressure of 00 semi-fluid lithium grease; winter with a non-extreme pressure Model 000 semi-fluid lithium grease. The machine should be used to grease recommended label.

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