How to Choose Concrete Mixer Pump


Nowadays, concrete mixer pump is necessary for infrastructure construction. Concrete mixer pump is widely used for the construction of civil use and engineering use. The brick-concrete structure is the main structure in our construction structure. So, the concrete plays an important role in construction. According to civil use and engineering use, you should choose different concrete mixer pump because of different type of concrete. Facing so many specifications of concrete mixer pump, do you know how to choose an appropriate concrete mixer pump? Today, I would like to talk about it.
1. The user should choose the concrete mixer pump according to the amount of engineering and the project duration. You should calculate strictly according to your actual demand. If the total amount of concrete engineering is too large and the construction has a high demand, you would better choose the forcing type of concrete mixer pump.

concrete mixer pump

2. The user should choose according to the quantity of engineering and construction environment. If construction project has a large number, but not the big volume, you would better choose the truck mounted concrete mixer pump in a concrete site with not good power supply condition. The truck mounted concrete mixer pump is the best choice with convenient movement, good passing ability and the dual use of diesel and electric.
3. You can choose the machine according to the type of concrete in your construction project. If the concrete is high intensity or lightweight, the forcing type of concrete mixer pump will be the best choice.
There are many models and specifications of concrete mixer pump at the current market. Choosing an appropriate concrete mixer pump can achieve maximum value. If you don’t know which type is fit for your construction, we will help you choose it.


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