concrete boom pump

Concrete Boom Pump for Sale

concrete boom pump

Features of Aimix boom pump for sale

1.       Pump truck is small in size, compact and easy to travel through, suitable for narrow construction environment.

2.       The boom concrete pump for sale itself bring arm frame to distribute materials, auxiliary time is short.

3.       No need to set the pipe, can be used timely, high work efficiency.

4.       Full-automatic, can be operated by one operator, equipped with remote control, easy to operate.

5.       Motor performance is good, high utilization of equipment.

6.       The design is compact and smart. Legs cover small area. It’s convenient to move from one working site to another one..

7.       Integrated the design of economy, reliability, safety and durability.

concrete boom pump

Parameter of Aimix boom pump

Model SYG5230THB 28 SYG5230THB 28
Vehicle Parameters Length 10716mm 10497mm
Width 2500mm 2490mm
Height 3672mm 3641mm
Dead Weight 22000kg
Boom & Outrigger Vertical Reach 27.7m
Horizontal Reach 24.0m
Reach Depth 13.0m
Unfolding Reach 6.5m
1st Section Length 7100mm
Articulation 90°
2nd Section Length 5523mm
Articulation 180°
3rd Section Length 5500mm
Articulation 245°
4th Section Length 5699mm
Articulation 248°
Turntable Rotation Angle ±360°
Outrigger Spread Width — Front 6100mm
Outrigger Spread Width — Rear 2663mm
Pumping System Concrete Theoretical Output Lowe Pressure 120m3 /h
High Pressure 70m3/h
Theoretical Pumping Pressure Lowe Pressure 6.5MPa
High Pressure 12MPa
Max. Strokes Per Min Lowe Pressure 23 times/min
High Pressure 13 times/min
Delivery Cylinder Diameter 230mm
Delivery Cylinder Strokes 2000mm
Hydraulic System Open Loop
Hydraulic System Oil Pressure 32 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 650L
Water Tank Capacity 400L
Pipeline Size 125mm
End Hose Length 3m
End Hose Diameter 125mm
Chassis Chassis Model ISUZU CYZ51Q 6 x 4 (Euro III) BENZ Actros 3341
Engine Type ISUZU 6WF1A (Euro III) OM501LA. III /17
Engine Power 265kW/1800rpm  300kW/180rpm
Emission Standard Euro III
Capacity of Fuel Tank 380L  400L
Displacement 14.526L  11.946L
Max. Speed 80km/h
Brake Distance ≤10m/30km/h

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